Real-time Technology in Online Gaming

The term “real-time” technology is used in some industries as a form of embedded system with actual time feature. This system that planted into various electronic devices are designed, so you and other users in the virtual world can meet face-to-face just like in the real world, at the same time, to interact and provide some comfort in different forms, and feel the sensation of interacting directly.

If we talk about the Internet, real-time refers to a feature on a web page where the users do not need to refresh to get the latest look. It provides an incredible experience to the users because with this feature, the users will be spoiled with the “responsiveness” of a site.

real-time technology

Real-Time For the Gamers

On the other hand, real-time technology also has penetrated into the world of online gaming. This is possible because of the sophistication of the Internet has been able to connecting the online gamers in real time. In other words, if the function of a game can work continuously, then this game can be said as a real-time game. For example, the graphics in 3D action games in the video card is processed in a computer in real-time, it means that the graphics movement of the game is very fast and the players will not feel delay at all.

So which games have already adapted the real-time technology?

Almost all online-based games already use real-time technology, even though if it’s just a mini-game or side-missions from the main game. However, do not be confused with the term RTS game or Real-Time Strategy. In contrast to the previous definition, the RTS genre game is a sub-genre of video game strategy where the game play does not take turns gradually.

In RTS games, players are required to control and determine their positions and units to maneuver within the play area. Securing their headquarters in advance, preparing all needed resources, before finally preparing to attack and destroy the enemy. Here are some kind of RTS games such as Command and Conquer, Age of Empire, and Clash of Clan.

real-time in online casino

Real-Time For Sports Lovers

Technology and entertainment industry companies understand there are millions and billions of sports fans scattered around the world. And for the discerning businessman, this will definitely bring huge profits. And online games for many sports lovers have been designed since.

Begin in 1958; William Higinbotham created a game called Tennis for Two. A competitive game that presents the game of tennis for two people. Until in the 1970s technology began to grow rapidly and video game companies are starting to emerge like Nintendo and Atari. Sports games are growing faster and provide a variety of choices for their fans.

Nowadays, more and more variety of games has been presented. The game developers have also created online real-time betting feature in sports games, especially football. This feature allows players to be able to play when the game is in progress. Also, sportsbook agent providers can make it easier for the players who are still hesitating to join the game. Everything is available in real-time and always up-to-date.

Technological advancements are increasing rapidly over time. Things that used to only exist in the imagination, little by little has become a reality and increasingly make it easier for us to do our activities in all aspects of life. But we must always remember that technology can be tricky. Without responsibility, it can make us caught into trouble.

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Apple iPhone X – Final Review

Apple has released their newest so-called “smartphone for the future” and they call it iPhone X. Apple uses Roman letter to name this smartphone so you should not confuse yourself if there are some people calling this smartphone iPhone 10 or iPhone Ten. This smartphone was released along with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. However, if we compare the specifications, it’s obvious that iPhone X is much more sophisticated than the two-previously-mentioned smartphones. Just with a glance, you can see how great this smartphone can actually be. For instance, the screen of iPhone is bezel-less. There’s only a tiny bit space left on the top part of the smartphone to attach many sensors and also front camera.

apple iphone x - final review

The specifications of Apple iPhone X are totally neck-and-neck with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which was also launched almost at the same time with iPhone X. Those two smartphones are believed to compete in attracting the people’s interest. However, to tell you the truth, if I’m allowed to state my opinion, I prefer iPhone X because the appeal is more futuristic. And it’s not only that, the performance is also better because it has used Apple A11 Bionic chipset which is combined with Hexa Core 64-bit processor. Therefore, the smartphone does not really need big RAM to support the performance. iPhone X only has 3GB of RAM but the performance is already stunning.

As for the price of this smartphone, it is about $999 and such price is for the 64GB variant. If you want to get the 256GB variant, the price is about $1,149. Alright, enough with the price. Let’s talk more about the specifications and the features. iPhone X is a kind of smartphone that has 5.8 inch of screen and uses OLED panel with 18:9 ratio. The resolution is 1125 x 2436 pixels.

Apple calls the screen of iPhone X with the name of Super Retina Display because the sharpness of the screen has gone beyond what’s offered by the mere Retina Display like what can be found in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The use of OLED screen makes the quality of the color looks even more accurate and it can give deeper black color. The screen has 458 ppi and has supported Dolby Vision and HDR10 technology.

iphone x feature - angled

Apple has promised the consumers the whole new level of gaming and video which can’t be found in any other smartphone. This greatness can’t be separated from the use of True-Tone Display technology which works side-by-side with Wide Color Gamut Display. The contrast of the screen of iPhone X is 1million to 1 which makes the visual quality is even more optimal. Then for the body, frame stainless steel covers everything and the back case is completed with glass cover. The dimension of this smartphone is 143.6 mm for the length, 70.9 mm wide, 7.7 mm thickness, and 174 gram of weight.

The screen is spread from end to end and only a little bit of space left behind to put proximity sensor, ambient light, front camera with 7 MP quality, microphone, speaker, dot projector, and flood illuminator. There’s no physical button on the front part of iPhone X. This is the reason why Apple got rid of the fingerprint sensor and replaced it with face sensor called FaceID. The ability to scan the face in iPhone X is claimed to be much better than Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

apple x - faceid

This is also thanks to the inclusion of flood illuminator which makes it possible for the smartphone to scan the face even in dark situation. Then there’s a technology called Dot Projector which can scan 30.000 points on the face. Therefore, FaceID can still be used even when the user is wearing hat or there’s a pimple on the face, or if there’s moustache or even beard.

Then, moving on to the chipset, Apple A11 Bionic which has been integrated with Hexa Core processor with 64-bit of architecture are chosen. In addition, there’s a technology called Neural Engine and Motion Coprocessor M11. This is the secret why iPhone X only has 3GB of RAM or just half of the RAM offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with its 6GB of RAM. However, even so, the performance of iPhone X can still compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And not only that, Apple also optimizes its OS so all games and applications can work smoothly. For more info, you can see the video below.

A Short Predictive Review on Google Pixel 2 Phone

Following the ongoing tradition, newest Android operating system along with the newest smartphone (which has used the newest OS) will be released soon. After launching Android Nougat, the next one is going to be Android 8.0 called Android Oreo and the lucky smartphone to use it is Google Pixel 2. The special thing about this smartphone isn’t only about using the latest operating system but it’s also going to have top-notch specifications represented by the so-called most powerful engine. Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 chipset will be the core of Google Pixel 2’s awesomeness and it’s going to perform side-by-side with the fastest octa-core processor.

review on google pixel 2

For you to know, Google Pixel 2 has two processor configurations namely Quad Core 2.45 GHz Kryo and Quad Core 1.9 GHz Kryo. And it’s not only that, GPU Adreno 540 as well as RAM with 4GB capacity are planted to support the whole performance. As the result, the performance of this smartphone is going to be stunning and jaw-dropping-ly fast. Multitasking is not a problem at all and you can always rely on this smartphone to let you play games in HD quality without any lagging. As for the storage space, Google Pixel 2 has internal memory with 64GB capacity.

Although up to now, the information is yet to be confirmed but the chance for another version of Google Pixel 2 to have bigger internal memory and bigger RAM may be released as well. The drawback of this smartphone is the fact that it doesn’t have slot for external memory. However, by considering that the internal storage is already that big, it shouldn’t be that problematic. Another information which is still yet to be confirmed is about the capacity of the battery. But one thing for sure about the battery is about how it already has Fast Charging feature. Let’s just hope that the battery is going to have bigger capacity than the previous Google Pixel which already has 2.770 mAh.

In relation with the price, there has not been any valid information yet but by considering the specifications and comparing the price of the previous Google Pixel, the price seems to be quite pricey. It’s actually quite reasonable by considering how this smartphone already adopts the fastest and most powerful “engine” to fulfill any of our needs. As for the screen, Google Pixel 2 is brought to you with 5.0 inch size. The resolution is Full HD 1080 x 1920p. Rumor has it that this smartphone is also going to adapt Amoled Display panel to bring the quality of the screen to the whole new level.

Another rumor also says that this smartphone is going to be produced by LG (although it’s not confirmed yet). However, if it’s true, it’s very likely for Google Pixel 2 to have similar design to LG G6 which is well known for its big-size screen completed with thin bezel. It’s also possible for Google Pixel 2 to have dual cameras like what has ever been reported to be added to Google Pixel XL2. Even if there’s no dual cameras, the single camera is guaranteed to have nice quality to provide awesome photo quality and 4K video resolution.

Next, what about the connectivity features? To tell you the truth, the features are so complete. Despite the fact that the smartphone will only allow you to use one SIM card only, this smartphone is said to let you access a hyper-speed internet connection. It’s possible for this smartphone to adopt 4G LTE Cat16 technology which means that the users can enjoy download speed up to 1024 mbps and the upload speed is about 50 mbps.

Bluetooth v5.0, Wi-Fi dual band, and GPS for navigation with A-GPS technology will also be included in this smartphone. USB port Type-C is attached at the bottom part of the smartphone to let the users to transfer file to their other USB-based devices like flash disk and the port will also make it easier to deal with battery charging. NFC feature and finger print sensor are included in the smartphone as well.

Lastly, what about the price? Well, like what has been mentioned before, the price is still yet to be confirmed. But, it seems a little bit pricey. Even so, by considering the specifications offered, such price seems to be worth it.